3 Things To Know About Warrants And Private Equity Funds

Posted on: 29 July 2022

New businesses need a lot of money to fund the production of new products, pay for employee wages, and to finance marketing and advertising campaigns. To access the money needed for a new business to succeed while waiting to turn a profit, many new business owners seek out private equity funds.

Venture capital investors and angel investors are common sources of private equity funds, but these types of investors automatically gain ownership over a portion of the business.

If you are looking for a low-risk way to infuse your new business with cash, you may want to consider a venture debt deal with a warrant.

1. What Is a Warrant?

Warrants are a type of security that is issued by the company an investor is funding.

A warrant gives the investor the right to purchase stock in the company at a fixed price for a preset amount of time. This means that an investor has the option to become a part-owner in the business, but they don't have to take on that responsibility right away.

Warrants give investors time to watch how a new business grows and changes before deciding to forge a long-term relationship through the purchase of company shares.

2. What Are the Elements of a Warrant?

It's helpful to identify the unique elements of a warrant when trying to understand the role warrants can play in the growth of your new business. All warrants contain three essential elements.

The first element is a limit on the number of shares an investor can purchase. By limiting the total shares available to investors, business owners can retain majority ownership while still accessing the capital needed for growth.

The second element of a warrant is the predetermined price that will be charged for company stocks. The third element is the date by which stock purchases must be completed before raising to the current market price.

3. What Are the Benefits of Warrants?

Warrants can be an effective tool for new business owners seeking private equity funds. Lenders can benefit from warrants by enjoying the opportunity to participate in a company's growth over time. There is also no upfront cost to the lender for a warrant.

Payment is only made if and when the shares promised in the warrant are purchased by the lender.

Your company will be able to count on future cash flow as a direct result of issuing warrants to gain access to the private equity you need.  

For more information, contact a local company that can help with fund raising for private equity funds


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